How can my group succeed at Improv in such a short time?

“Proper Structure -We’ve designed a core system that teaches each part of improvisational thinking and performing separately, like making a pizza by assembling the 8 slices. (Physical movement, acting to a narration, odd voices, reacting to partners, bold performance, mimicry, etc.) Finally, the last game requires them to use everything they’ve absorbed.”


How can you be sure everyone will get equal time and attention?

“Badges -As everyone arrives at the event they are given a badge, on it is one of four colors and a number 1-12. As we play the games we simply call a few numbers and the participants come right up to play. As the event proceeds we continually cycle through the numbers.”


How do you keep the events moving?

“Traffic control -As games end, new numbers are called, so participants switch with spectators as new scenes and props are being set.”


How do you keep the events interesting?

“Diversity -Each game we design is completely different from the others. Seasoned comedy writers did all of our scripting and professional improv comedy instructors designed our formats.”


Will each participant be able to succeed at every task?

“We have a no-fail policy -Our Staff writes skits and games that have simple to follow instructions and are already funny. The effort of each individual participant is the only measure of their success.”


Does everyone participate in every game?

“Not every team member gets to actively participate in each and every exercise, however bearing witness to the games and cheering on teammates is extremely beneficial to the team building process.”


Can every participant feel safe and nurtured?

“We have safety nets -An FBP (Funny Bizniz Performer) is always right there to pick up the slack. One FBP is always in character in the skit and the other is subtly directing the participants.”


Does the event teach business lessons?

Each of our Improv games have strong and specific business applications built in organically but our messaging is delivered in such an effortless way that participants are just caught up in the fun.”


How much time does a Funny Bizniz event take?

“We can tailor our events to your needs. We provide anything from a 20 minute Ice Breaker to a full day of workshops.


Are the shows appropriate for everyone?

“All of our events are corporate and family friendly. We avoid any material that is political, sexual, racial, religious or controversial in any way.”


Does everyone have to participate?

“No one is forced to participate but we encourage everyone to join in at whatever level they are comfortable with.”


Are costumes and props provided?

“We provide all of the costumes and props necessary for the participants to use in the games.”


Can the event be tailored to a specific message or theme?

“Any of our events can be customized. Your themes, messages, products and goals can be high lit in many different ways via scripting or visual elements.”


Can we present awards?

“We usually do not supply awards but you are more than welcome to present awards at the end of our events or if you would prefer we can do it for you.”


Funny Bizniz, LLC.

(Laugh, Learn, Communicate)