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Funny Bizniz offers a range of fully flexible improvisation-based workshops for schools, colleges and universities, catering to students of all ages and abilities. Based on the same principles we use in our shows, they promote confidence and self-expression alongside communication skills and teamwork. Students are encouraged to work together and listen to one another in a supportive, positive environment. Funny Bizniz can tailor these workshops to meet the requirements of the school syllabus and educational priorities while still being inspiring, energizing and, above all, fun for all concerned.


Colleges & Universities

For college and university students, we can provide an in-depth workshop centered around the theories and principles of improvisation. This includes a number of advanced exercises to help bring these theories to life, as well as build on any previous improvisational experience.


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High Schools

Funny Bizniz workshops offer distinct benefits to students at various points in their education. Students may feel daunted and unsure of their new surroundings. Our workshops will help boost their confidence as well as help them to get to know their new classmates and express themselves. Tenth and eleventh grade pupils can often benefit from a confidence boost in their drama and performance skills as well as a chance to relax and have fun in the face of pending examinations. Our workshops also offer a great way to engage the students’ interest after the summer or winter holidays.

Our workshops are fully adaptable to meet your needs and the needs of your students. In the past, we've provided workshops focusing on physical theater skills, characterization, and other specific skills and principles. If you have a specific text to study, then Funny Bizniz can help bring that to life and capture your students' interest. We can also provide after-school workshops in skills as diverse as acting for camera, directing, and stand-up comedy.

Workshops can be a full day, a half day, or run as an after-school course depending on your needs. We can also put on a show for and involving your pupils to demonstrate what we do or just to entertain them. Whatever your needs, let us know and we can put something together for you at very competitive rates.


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Elementary Schools

Our workshops help lay the foundations for key skills in drama and the performing arts. They encourage self-expression and teamwork and can be tailored to include specific goals laid down by the school. We're also ideal for play days or end-of-term entertainment.


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